Monday, May 24, 2010

London How I Love Thee!!!

London How I Love Thee!!!!


This is my ode to London…..

It goes a little something like this:

London London how I love thee….

Thy little children with British accents I adore

Megan got her shopping stuck in the subway door!


You say I’m incompetent when I break machines with my Oyster card

Learning they ways is rather hard

But thy history is rich and never dull

And oh thy food is so tasteful!


London London ode to thee

In my heart you’ll forever be….


(This was my inspiration after a night out on the town…. If you’d like me to write you or  your significant other a personalized poem I would be more than happy… with a small charge of course J)



Now the following is from my good friends Staley, Claire, and Megan’s blog here on the program with me and I heartiy concur with every statement so I had to put it on mine…. Hehe


10 things I’ve learned so far….


1.     1. If you want to talk to someone here, you can’t jump right in and ask someone’s name.  You have to ask about something safe, like the weather.  That way you can feel out if that person wants to talk to you or not and then slowly proceed with the conversation if they give you the appropriate response.  You don’t ask for someone’s name or tell someone your name until the end of the conversation.  Ever.

2.     2. There is no such thing as a restroom or bathroom here, just toilets.

3.    3.  “It’s okay” is an acceptable/normal response to “thank you”.

4.     4.  Many people say “cheers” instead of “you’re welcome”.

5.     5. “Queue up” means form a line.

6.     6. Stonehenge is cool for about 2.2 seconds

7.    7.   The British are really good at detecting accents so you shouldn’t try to fake a British one.

8.    8.   A coach = a bus, a cycle = a bike

9.     9 Having Tea Harry Potter Style is Magical! 

10. 10. If you ask someone where “the subway” is, you’ll find yourself in an underground tunnel where creepy people hang out, not on the underground train.  






Friday, May 14, 2010

Goodly Parents

So.... could I be any luckier?  I basically have the most incredible parents in the world.  I honestly don't know any better people than the two amazing people who raised me.  I have never seen better examples of charity, kindness, love, acceptance, and patience than what is shown by my parents every day.  Just being with my parents and seeing their examples has been one of the greatest testimony builders in my life.  I tell them I love them everyday but I honestly feel like there is never any way I could ever repay them for all that they have done for me and continue to do for me.  They are both constantly giving without asking for anything in return.  They are so selfless in all that they do, always putting the wants and needs of others first.  I want to marry someone just like my Dad someday.  He is the funniest, sweetest man you will ever meet.  He can always make me laugh.  I hope I can be to my girls what my mom has been to me.  She always knows how to make me feel better with a bowl of ice-cream and my favorite movie.  My Dad and I love our sushi together and my Mom and I will always love our ice-cream.  Oh how special the connections with food and family.  haha.  This whole rant has been a product of an incredible day spent with my lovely parents in the beautiful London, England.  Of course I bawled like a baby when I saw them and when we had to say goodbye but in between those two times I was as happy as can be.  This post is more for me than for the average viewer of my blog but I just had to proclaim to the world that yes it's true I really do have the very best parents.  I love them with all my heart and I'm so grateful for them.  They really are my very best friends.  :) more pics to come.  

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Early each day on the steps of St. Pauls...... A little old bird woman comes....

Up Up Up the Stairs to the Dome! (skirts were a great choice today)
Trust me we are not as excited as we look.... way too cold up there.  haha
St. Paul?  Is anyone home? 
Claire, Bryn, Jess and I
Feed the birds..... tuppins a bag.  

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Kensington Gardens Walk!!

Today we toured the lovely Kensington Gardens twice.  First we ran for our morning jog which was lovely, then we had a relaxing walk all over the beautiful grounds.  We got to see a number of embassies on "Millionaire Row", Kensington Palace, the Albert Memorial, and the most gorgeous flowers.  Take a look!  

Kensington Gardens Walk Continued.....

But Peter, how do we get to Neverland?  Peter Pan Statue! 
Long Water of the Serpentine:  scene of many suicides
(no we are not suicidal)
Physical Energy Statue
We felt physically energized after seeing it....
The Albert Memorial!  Mark Twain and I think 
this is hilarious.  But I think it is beautiful too.  Oh Albert, 
Poor guy didn't want to make a scene and look what he got instead.   

We're Here!!!! Ello There!

Westminster Abbey with the Girls!  
It's Big Ben!!
Our Center!  WOoo WOO!
So pumped right now!
Can't Wait!!!